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2011-06-24 17:34:15 by animereject

What's new around here?


2011-03-14 16:24:39 by animereject

Yeah this a week late but, its out! Pokemon Black & White is out for the DS...something. After years of endless pokemon generations, is this by farthe best pokemon game?


2011-02-24 19:30:22 by animereject

We all know that Marvel vs Capcom 3 is a HUGE hit, but what do the people think? What doyou people think of the game MvC3?

Hot Damn Sama!

2010-09-21 17:20:13 by animereject

XJ9 in her most sluttiest way, what will Zone-Sama do next?

Best Online Game?

2010-08-28 20:50:01 by animereject

To anyone who is a hardcore gamer, this is for you. For all the games you played what is the best game out there that you enjoyed? Please leave a list of your favorite game you EVER played...

anime expo2010

2010-07-21 05:14:08 by animereject

did anyone go?

Looking for a place?

2010-05-24 01:23:11 by animereject

Can anyone tell me where i can find a place in Los Angeles where you can play PC online games?

PC games?!

2010-05-18 01:29:11 by animereject

Which PC online game do you people think is the best so far?

Do you people think World of Warcraft is the best?


Do you people think Champions Online is the best?

give me a vote..


2010-04-21 21:00:18 by animereject

What did you people think of the movie Kick Ass?


2010-04-15 10:22:02 by animereject

what are best AMV's you ever watched?